I’m Taka, the team lead for 350 Japan. For this Earth Month Spotlight, I want to take you through our “Moshi-Moshi action” in Japan.

But first, let me explain a little bit more about “Moshi-Moshi”:

“Moshi-Moshi” is a Japanese greeting to begin a telephone conversation. And as you know, the simple act of having a conversation is one of the most impactful actions we can take to grow our climate movement and make our demands heard.

So for our “Moshi-Moshi” campaign, we aimed to recruit volunteers to call Japanese megabanks directly and make our climate demands heard. Because in Japan, if a bank receives a certain number of these kinds of calls, they must be reported to the banks’ management. The results were amazing:

Over 100 activists across Japan called the Japanese megabanks to amplify our climate demands!

Here are a few climate activists in Japan on zoom together making calls!

The “Moshi-Moshi” campaign turned out to be a great opportunity for ordinary Japanese people to take the first step with our climate movement. Our organizing and training made it possible for 350 Japan to exceed our goal of more than 100 participants and ultimately, through this action, new climate activists were able to engage and realize they in fact can make a difference in Japanese society.

I hope you enjoyed this update, and to learn more about our campaigns, you check out our website. Stay tuned for even more Earth Month Spotlights coming soon!