Hello, my name is Ginanjar, and I’m a Field Organizer for 350 based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The world is facing many challenges, and climate change is one of the biggest. I believe that we need to take action now to prevent further damage and create a sustainable future. We need to demand change from our leaders and hold them accountable for their decisions.

That’s why, I’m so proud to share with you today some of the highlights for 350 Indonesia in 2022: 

This year, the Indonesian team continued to pressure financial institutions to stop funding coal. Here are some of the “victories” we got, big or small:

  • We were able to collect 19,000 petition signatures requesting that four national banks stop financing coal.
  • One of the national banks targeted by our campaign, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), is committed to stop funding the fossil energy sector, namely coal and oil. This is a win that can cause a domino effect for other banks in Indonesia and the region!

Standard Chartered Bank stopped funding Adaro, Indonesia’s largest coal mining company. This is the result of solidarity movements that took place in many countries.


Activist from #StopFundingAdaro coalition perform acts of sarcasm in front of Standard Chartered’s Indonesia office.


In 2023, we’re not stopping our momentum. We’re planning to target Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority to categorize coal as a dirty investment so that all national banks should comply. And we’re going to keep building awareness around a Just Transition so that it becomes an important topic for the public in the upcoming 2024 general election.

Even though we haven’t won — yet — we haven’t lost, either. The opportunity for banks in Indonesia to stop financing coal is very wide open more than ever.

I will continue to fight for our planet because it is our only home. It’s going to be a long, hard road, but I’m committed to fighting for our future.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you, friend!

In solidarity,


350 Indonesia

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