Coronavirus Organising Guide


Social Solidarity in a time of crisis

It is in these uncertain times that we realise the fragility of the interwoven systems we all depend on to survive. 

Much like the climate crisis, this COVID-19 outbreak challenges us to think about resilience and the communities and social solidarity we'll all need for an uncertain future.  Here are 5 ways to keep organising to stop the climate crisis whilst supporting your community as authorities work to contain this pandemic.

1. Take care of yourself and others

We listen to science, on the climate crisis and this novel coronavirus. That means everyone should do their part and respect their national health guidelines. Don't panic, but do stay home when necessary, wash hands frequently, and check in digitally with others in your community to make sure they're doing ok.

Restrictions on public gatherings are serious to limit the spread of COVID-19, and ease the strain on hospitals and caretakers. Every life saved matters. So we don't recommend participating in big public protests at this time.

For more information, consult these World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines – and make sure to stay informed about what's happening in your area too.

WHO Guidelines

If you feel shaken and anxious about the current crises we're in, you could try the steps suggested in this resource on Finding Steady Ground -- their first tip is to make a conscious decision about when and where you'll get your news, and what you'll do with it.

Finding Steady Ground

Building systems of community resilience now will also support us during other catastrophes down the road. Climate breakdown all but ensures there will be more disasters in the months and years ahead.  Having a connected community will help you through it all.

The world is reacting fast to the coronavirus with huge creativity, solidarity and care. Over the past few days, thousands of mutual aid projects have sprung up around the world. We encourage you to find ways to support your community as best as you can at this time.

Here is a list of mutual aid networks we've heard about, as well as other resources. We'll keep updating this:

  • United States: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
  • Canada: Community Response Networks
  • Turkey: Ekoharita
  • France: Covid Entraide
  • United Kingdom: Covid Mutual Aid UK
  • 2. Take Action!

    There are still many ways to take action on climate whilst also supporting your community in this time. The climate crisis is also a major public health threat – and we can’t ignore it.

    Here are some actions you can take right now from your home to show your social solidarity with others around the world.

    3. Creative Tactics

    Mass public events are cancelled in most places – so here are some creative organising tactics and tools you can try.


    Create and share art

    Hold an online contest for supporters to make art with key messages. Encourage people to display the art in their windows, workplaces or on their cars and find other ways to let it speak to the world. You can also work on banners and artivism creations that can be used when restrictions on gatherings are lifted. Check out the new Arts Kit for A Just Recovery from Coronavirus for inspiration and works to share.

    Just Recovery Arts Kit

    Organise a Virtual Protest

    Ask those who in normal times would have attended the protest to write a sign and take a photo of themselves with friends or family. Organisers can collate and print out these photos to be displayed publicly. For example, they could be laid out in front of your targeted bank or city hall with a sign explaining that for public health reasons people are protesting at home. Check out this virtual protest in the Philippines using photo wands, where organisers projected images of would-be march participants who couldn’t attend for security reasons. 

    How to create a photo wand virtual march 

    Swarm on social media

    Being stuck inside is hard, but it might give you more time on your computer to get creative and collaborate with others. Post comments about the coronavirus response and climate crisis on your government target’s social media profiles. Organise a coordinated take-down of companies and brands or their Facebook and Instagram threads, to apply pressure for your demands. Team up with other activists who are stuck inside in different parts of the world and support the many online campaigns that are emerging.  

    Check out more ideas below and share examples that inspire you with others.

    4. Share your ideas!

    We want to know what people are doing to build resilience and solidarity in your community and keep up climate organising in these times.

    Make sure to connect with us on social media so you can follow the latest new ideas as the situation evolves.

    Join the conversation on social media and share your photos and messages with us. You can even give local examples or ideas on how to ensure a Just Recovery from coronavirus that puts people – not fossil fuel polluters – first. Use hashtags like #JustRecovery and #PeoplesBailout, and find examples on our channels:

    5. Skill Up

    Online Resources

    With extra time stuck indoors, now could be the perfect time to learn more about lots of topics.  You could use some of this time to:

    • educate yourself and others further about climate science, justice and action.
    • learn more about campaigning tactics or social movements
    • skill up on digital storytelling or how to talk to give good media interviews
    • Practice online community organising for both coronavirus community care and other issues you care about.
    • take advantage of the time to plan ahead for big, impactful actions in the future.

    Trainings and Action Guides

    Online Skill-Up Courses

    We’re also working urgently on a whole range of new trainings to meet the scale of this extraordinary moment. Watch this space.