Free Hong,


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Take action to call for Hoang Thi Minh Hong’s release and stand in solidarity with all climate defenders. 

Vietnam’s bold climate ambitions were achieved through the unwavering efforts of climate defenders like Hong. The alarming detentions of these brave individuals not only jeopardize climate action within Vietnam but also undermine the country’s crucial role as a heavily climate-impacted nation and emerging economy. We must call for a just and equitable response to climate change, one that empowers civil society to meaningfully participate in the development and monitoring of climate deals, without fear of persecution. Stand with us as we strive for a better future, where climate justice prevails and all voices are heard.

Watch: Vietnam’s Climate Prisoners

Together with our friends and allies at the Movement Law Lab and Human Rights Watch, we hosted this webinar at the Climate Week NYC to highlight the importance of protecting climate leaders and deep dive into the troubling pattern of persecution of environmental and climate activists.