By: Liangyi Chang

As we continue to face the worsening impacts of climate change, in our region. We are bracing ourselves for another fight to demand justice from those who are responsible.

For the past 3 years we have been actively involved in dismantling the power of the fossil fuel industry through divestment. Globally institutions, large and small around the world, have been taking a public stand against a rogue industry that’s sacrificing our shared climate and future in the name of profit.

Now is the time to up our ante by taking the divestment tactic to a whole new level together with a global divestment mobilisation.

Fossil fuel companies have spent decades denying climate science and delaying climate solutions that are inevitable. Right now, they know they’re fighting a losing battle as we head into an era of clean, abundant and free renewable energy they cannot compete with fairly. So they’re playing dirty.

East Asia is a critical region because it hosts many energy projects that extract and burn fossil-fuels to the detriment of the communities and ecosystems that host those destructive facilities while at the same time some of the biggest funders and consumers of fossil-fuel energy are also located in the region, driving further warming while harming the health and livelihood of communities.

We’re seeing coal, oil and gas companies try desperately to cling onto the levers of power – through politics and partnerships that legitimise their continued existence. Our job, this May and beyond, is to continue exposing their true nature and their true impacts on people’s lives and homes.

Join the growing global divestment movement in a show of strength this May.

We’re inviting individuals and groups around the world to force their institutions to take a stand and divest from climate change. Through creative, compelling actions we can each help expose the climate impacts of our local institutions’ fossil fuel investments and partnerships.

You may wish to join an existing action or plan your own with the support of our team and the resources available.

Check out the Global Divestment Mobilisation website for all the information and support you’ll need to get started.