The COVID-19 global pandemic has exposed the brokenness of the system and has multiplied existing problems. It has also put a spotlight on the struggles of the most vulnerable, oppressed, and marginalized.

We are now in a very important moment, call it a “pause” if you will, when we have a choice to either push the wheel towards systemic change or just continue to roll back into the broken “normal”.

This moment is indeed challenging but we can definitely find ways for us to work together and ensure that our solidarity and collective efforts towards recovery is one which will bring a just, sustainable, and pro-people future.

As a follow-up to the conversations around the principles for a Just Recovery, we would love to know your insights and examples of how the pandemic has widened the cracks in the system. But equally important, we would like to ask how you imagine the future to be.

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We believe that the creative thinking and mandate for our campaigns need to come from you – and together we can create a shared vision for how to adapt our work. Your response will inform us and our allies in the region on how to best place ourselves and respond to the needs of the partners in the region.

We are hoping that we can get together again to have more conversations on how we can build stronger solidarity and support each other’s work. In the meantime, please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts on how we should adapt our work in Asia the face of COVID-19.