14 year old Chan Lee is working to raise awareness in Seoul Korea on climate change issues. The photos below were taken on 10/10/10 when Chan Lee organized a handful of his friends to do an education and awareness day of action in front COEX trade center. Lee chose the COEX trade center because the G20 summit was scheduled to be held there in November 2010 and he thought it was a good place to start the conversation from. He talked with his friends and passerby’s about why climate change was important to him and why, in his opinion, every Korean needed to join the movement and become part of the solution.  Chan Lee sent us an email reflecting on his day of action: “It was fun day and I think this event was very valuable for me. I will do more green events. So, SAVE THE EARTH with 350.org!”

I am very inspired by young people like Chan who stand up and take action to save our planet.  Below I have attached an essay Chan Lee wrote explaining why it is important for Koreans to be involved in the climate change movement.  Check it out!

Chan Lee in front of the COEX Center

Group of Korean students do climate education and outreach on 10/10/10.

We can practice when we have even a little concern (South Korea)

South Korea have been advancing very fast since Korean War. 2002 World cup, APEC summit and 2010 G20 summit shows is proof. South Korea is ready to become a developed country. However, some bad news is out there.

Korea’s CO2 emissions per year is the forth in Asia (G20).

When you compare and contrast the CO2 emissions with many Europe countries, it doesn’t seem that bad. BUT this degree is rising. This true can change South Korea’s Future. NOT only, South Korea’s but also, China and Japan. Many scientists are saying that East Asia Countries will be damaged by Global Warming.

According to the 4th IPCC report, the temperatures are rising in East Asia. It is not more important than the next point. Different from the other countries, desertification in China is proceeding fast and will be more fast. It puts the capital of China, Beijing in danger.  In 2090 or before, Beijing can be a dessert. The strength and the number of Typoons are predicted to be stronger and bigger. Japan will be danger from Typoons and China will be weakened by desertification.  South Korea will be weakened by both of them.  Global warming and sea level rise could swallow many important cities such as Seoul, Inchon, Busan, Pohang, Shanghai, Sunyang, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.

Of course, East Asian must recognize this. But Chinese and South Korean do not recognize this fact very often. Even Chinese government said that, environmental promises are good for only advanced country. This phenomenon shows they’re not recognizing this fact very well! However, Chinese government is spending money for decrease CO2 emissions and Japan is going to be a green developed country. On the other hand, South Korea still hasn’t take much action to stop climate change. Although the government is trying to change Korean perspective, it doesn’t work. There are some reasons. One of the reasons is education system. I am sure you will think it doesn’t make sense. Do you know that Korean students are second smartest of the whole world? I think that is natural. They receive hard education from birth to university! There are thousands of academies and students are full of stress. Teens are always busy and selfish. They only think about studying. They have no time to think about environment. So, Korean government should educate students to think about environmental problems. When Korean student’s perspective change and they don’t only think about studying, Korean and Asian future will change. WHY? They will make the future. They are next generation. What I want to say is: We can practice when we have even a little concern!

Article written by Heather Box