Chuck Baclagon

Today, public development banks will be meeting for the first-ever Finance in Common Summit. These institutions control trillions of dollars in public money, yet they continue pouring our money into dirty fossil fuel projects.

Asia hosts 60% of the world’s population which represents the majority of the most vulnerable communities to the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you help put pressure on public finance banks to stop funding fossil fuel projects and make concrete plans for divestment?

This is a rare opportunity to push these banks and financial institutions to do the right thing. They must put people and the planet first by shifting the financial investment landscape to one that prioritizes access to vital social services and low-carbon development.

We are at a very crucial stage in history where decisions made by governments and financial institutions today will shape our society, economy, health, and climate for decades to come.

We’re counting on you to ensure our demands will not be ignored. Can you add your voice as an act of solidarity? We have to be louder in calling for an end to fossil-fuel development and transition to a safe climate and a better future for all.

So much is at stake and we need as many people as we can to amplify our demand to move public money away from fossil-fuels and towards a Just Recovery.

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