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“Stay Clean!” is an environmental advocacy campaign integrated with the promotion of Eco-sports to create fun learning and excitement to act upon the pressing environmental issues more specifically on Climate Change. This is a collaborative effort of our partner organizations and individuals deeply involved in this kind of sport activity which helps reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas-causing emissions.

Oriental Negros for 350 is involved at present with four exciting Eco-sports namely Windsurfing, Stand-up Paddling, Off-Road Biking and Road Running. These physical activities harness the potentials of the human body and nature. The connection to the physical environment motivates us to be responsible stewards to the nature’s resources we love and enjoy.

The campaign also seeks to encourage the youth to keep away from abusive substance use. It provides an alternative means to achieve a certain highpoint, speed, and acceleration through clean, exciting, creative and healthy ways.


The objective of World Water Day 2011 is to focus international attention on urban water usage and highlighting the on-going challenges we face as urban populations continue to grow. The effect for urban runoff doesn’t only affect public health but also causes significant damage to our marine environment. There is a need for a collective effort to care and manage the world’s water resources.

In response to the global challenge, “Stay Clean!” campaign through a water sport clinic has the following components: 1) education and advocacy to preserve our marine ecosystem, coastal protection, and beach preservation through addressing the issues of rapid urbanization that pushes some areas past water peak capability 2) windsurfing experience to provide significant interaction with nature’s resources- the beach, the waves, the tides, and the wind.

The activity is designed creatively for learning as it builds connection with nature and environment. It provides an alternative means to have fun and excitement in ways meaningful and significant. It allows participants to enjoy learning and most importantly affirms and takes responsibility to act in assuming our moral responsibility in keeping our nature’s resources STAY CLEAN! / Zephanie Danieles: Coordinates Fun, and Creative 350 actions in Negros Oriental, Central Philippines.