By Air Clean Taiwan

On the 18th of November, civil society mobilize at the civil square of Taichung city as the last wave of “NEW 318 Movement”, continuing the legacy of 318 democratic movement raised in 2014. Air Clean Taiwan and anti-coal network on the ground have decided to mobilize again one week before the huge city level election on 24th November. Following by 5,000 people mobilized on 3th in Taipei and 4,000 people on 11th in Kaohsiung city, Taichung one also collectively to create another huge wave of voice push toward demand the head of government, Mir. Lai Ching-De, on phasing out coal as soon as possible for the health impact of general public, but yet any to hearing back on next steps and clear calendar.

Aligning with Taipei and Kaohsiung ones, the Taichung one is adding value with the demand to request the democratic process of approving the permission of coal plant in ShengAo, which has sacrificed the 23 hectare of algae reef in Kwun Tong, Chairman of Air Clean Taiwan, Dr. Yeh mentioned, “The undertable approach conducted by head of government, Mr. Lai is unacceptable, so we use the black box to demonstrate it and appeal further his undemocratic process for air pollution can no longer exist in the future, by showing all our people’s votes on 24th Nov.” The section, with the people’s shouting on slogan “Phase out coal; NO to under-table approaches; For algae reefs; NO to undemocratic process; For blue sky; NO to detators’ decision.”

“New 318 Movement” eventually in the public plaza of the holiday crowd. Prior to the march started, the organizer of the Air Clean Taiwan hosted the press conference to explain further the demand and further plan of the march, Dr. Yang, Executive Director of the Air Clean Taiwan, compared 31 air quality stations from 2014 to 2017 the averages of PM2.5 value of Taichung City ranked is only 8th, as middle class of the ranking. The outcome is unsatisfactory by other neighboring counties. The improvement of Changhua and Nantou are quite obvious compared to Taichung. The outcome has demonstrated the coal impact in Taiwan and the Environmental Protection Agency of Taichung City Government should update the research data to date, with domestic analysis. Taiwanese people deserve better air quality and the voice of “I want to breathe the clean air”, Toward a sustainable and healthy future.

Once again, a group of 40-50 doctors joined the March, They propose to cut the source of the pollution from the start. The goal is to reduce the usage of the coal power Plant. However, alternative plans to use natural gas also faced issues such as natural conservation. The proposed site will impact local algae reef greatly. This is greatly opposed by conservation groups throughout the island. Aside from local communities and groups, the March also attracts local election candidates. Candidates from different parties have expressed their interest and participation of the March as they want to support a cause that is in heart with their voters. Fossil Free world is possible for all of us, neither nuclear nor coal as our option but green energy.


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