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New Report: Banking on Climate Chaos

Released today, the 13th annual Banking on Climate Chaos report, the most comprehensive global analysis on fossil fuel banking to date, underscores the stark disparity between public climate commitments being made by the world’s largest banks, versus the reality of their largely business-as-usual financing to the fossil fuel industry.

SOS: Solutions for Survivors

A month ago, the IPCC Climate Impacts Report raised a difficult question on how people can continue living on a broken planet. Our answer is: by daring to hope and solidify solidarity. 

Pacific Climate Warriors power up in Solar Scholars training

In February, nine participants from the 350 Pacific and Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) completed a hybrid training in Suva, Fiji, on the assembly and maintenance of basic PV solar power systems, led online by the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC).

Gender justice is climate justice

Bangladesh is ranked the seventh most climate vulnerable country in the world, but these women are not sitting back and waiting to be overrun by climate catastrophe.