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Clean energy, green future

Our message is clear: clean energy translates to a healthy environment and a real sustainable and prosperous future that benefits both people and the planet.

Let’s get ICBC to go clean

Following the momentous pledge of China saying that it will stop building and financing coal plant projects overseas two weeks

Asia in Action: Global Climate Strikes 2021

Last weekend, climate activists around the world mobilized in person and online as of part Fridays for Future’s global climate strike under the rallying call #UprootTheSystem. 

Looking back at the Asia Solidarity Lab

The Asia Solidarity Lab, which took place between August 26 and 28 2021, drew in over 1000 registrants from over 60 countries, an immense achievement and show of regional solidarity for the first event of its kind hosted by

On our Watery World and the Women Protecting the Himalaya 

World Water Week 2021 is drawing to a close, and among the many other crises currently making headlines, the myriad global issues interconnected with water have been but splashes of acknowledgement here and there across the noisy, chaotic news landscape that we find ourselves immersed in, week after week. 

Sow hope, reap solidarity

The Asia Solidarity Lab is about inviting those in diverse fights to share in the process of building a better future for everyone together.