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This statement was approved for distribution to all delegates of the recent climate talks in Bangkok yesterday until today by the secretariat of the UNFCCC.


We are circulating this paper to bring to the attention of the global community the continued violation of coal-fired power plant operators and their government partners against the people’s rights to a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment. Our local communities are facing a potential tragedy as the abovementioned continue their high-handed disregard of these rights. Moreover, it has been pointed out that the power plant’s operation is violating international climate agreements, which so far only aim to limit warming to 2 degrees—still short of what the best science says is truly necessary to avert climate catastrophe, reduce CO2 concentration to back below 350 ppm.

Existing plans to construct more coal-fired power plants in the Philippines are ongoing. The plants currently operating, namely: the Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO) and Cebu Energy Development Corporation (CEDC) in Naga and Toledo City; the Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC); and Aboitiz Power Corporation in Davao City are putting the lives, livelihood, and the overall welfare of the most vulnerable sectors of society in further jeopardy. These power plants will also open other forms of vulnerabilities in the community.

We are bringing these issues to the attention of the UNFCCC, because Philippine governmental bodies and institutions have so far failed to act in behalf of the people, and have been limiting their interventions to the most minimal. There were even instances where they defended these polluting firms by upholding their so-called contributions to the local economy. With their inaction, these polluting corporations continue operations with impunity despite strong community resistance and legal petitions from the local sectors.

Coal-fired power plants have impacted the lives of local residents as well as the local environs. It is expected that these will happen in other provinces with the plan to put up more coal-fired power plants nationwide.

We are urging your office to make the necessary interventions to stop the unabated violations committed by these coal-fired power plants and their governmental partners. We have submitted the following documents to the UNFCCC Secretariat:

  1. Habitat Assessment made in-front of the coal-fired power plants Environmental Advocates and Marine Biologists
  2. Consolidated list of sickness and diseases in Naga during the health evaluation last 2009 by the Department of Health, Medical Doctors, and Civil Society organizations
  3. Coal-ash testing result interpreted by Toxicologist Dr. Romeo Quijano
  4. Court Decision urging power plants from dumping indiscriminately their coal combustion wastes.
  5. Notice to sue

We are hoping that you will hear our request for a formal intervention on this matter and hope that other countries will help us in persuading our government to cut carbon emissions by a moratorium on the construction of coal-fired power plants and develop clean and sustainable means of generating electricity.

Vince Aureflor A. Cinches South-East Asia

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