May 19, 2021 on Indonesia’s Berau Flood Disaster Linked to Coal Mining Operations

Indonesia — Coal mining operations have been linked to the worst flood in 20 years in Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia (see video). Since 12 May 2021, heavy rains lashed the village, eventually causing a flash flood isolating more than 2,300 households. While government officials argued that these floods are a natural occurrence, satellite imagery has revealed deforestation caused by PT Berau Coal’s mining that has exacerbated the floods. Asia Regional Digital Manager Irfan Toni Herlambang issued the following statement:
“It is no secret that coal is the biggest contributor to the climate crisis and the disastrous floods in Berau clearly show coal is harmful to our planet and people. This is especially true for the people of Berau who are affected by the mining operations, and the climate emergency. We stand with the Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) in calling for an audit of the mining concessions in the area as well as a moratorium on mining during this period. Frontline communities should not be made to suffer while coal companies reap the rewards of planetary destruction.”


More information may be found through the Mining Advocacy Network’s (JATAM) press release (in Bahasa Indonesia).