Filipino environmental and climate defenders face the prospect of authoritarianism with the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 recently signed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This supposedly national security law in the Philippines undermines constitutionally protected rights to political expression and could be used to silence dissenting voices.

Under the Duterte regime, activists have faced various dangers in protecting communities and ecosystems against environmentally destructive projects.

The global environmental and climate justice movement stands together with Filipino environmental activists in rejecting this draconian law. Climate activists Greta Thunberg, Lia Alonzo, Naomi Klein, and Nnimmo Bassey have expressed their support to the petition.

We need you, too, to stand with Filipino environmental defenders against the Anti-Terrorism Law.

Global Witness published a report last year naming the Philippines as “the world’s deadliest country for environmental and human rights defenders.”

As we face the multiple impacts of COVID-19 and the climate breakdown, it is more important than ever that we break the silence that allows the powerful few to trample over human rights and our planet.

Help us ensure that the voices of environmental defenders are heard.

The passage of the Anti-Terrorism Law will worsen the human rights situation in the Philippines with over-broad definitions of what constitutes a terrorist, criminalization of free speech, warrantless arrests, and illegal detentions.

Environmental advocates, activists, community organizers, and development workers should be able to do their work without fear of harm or persecution. Defending people and our planet is not a crime.

Add your voice to the growing international chorus of people and organizations demanding the Duterte administration through the Philippine Congress to repeal the Anti-Terrorism Law.

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