Japanese banks are some of the largest funders of fossil fuel projects in the world. While other global banks have come under fire for funding climate-destroying projects, Japan’s big three banks — Mizuho, Mitsubishi, and Sumitomo Mitsui haven’t felt the heat yet.

The big three banks are holding their shareholder meetings in just a few weeks time – and I’ll be there with activists to deliver a huge worldwide petition demanding Japan’s banks stop funding dirty coal projects. Help our small Japanese 350 team ensure Japan’s top banks feel the world’s eyes on them.

The big three banks might not be global household names but they are the 1st, 2nd and 5th largest funders of coal projects in the world.If we are to defeat big coal we have to move Japan’s big three banks and force them to end their financing of coal.

This is a really important global fight to cut off the sources of finance for the fossil fuel industry. The CEOs of these banks won’t be expecting a huge public campaign and this means we could have a big impact. So let’s show them we mean business.

Our movement has some big successes under our belts on cutting off finance for fossil fuel projects. In January, the World Bank announced it will stop funding new fossil fuel projects. Norway’s huge state investment fund, and New York City’s pension funds announced they will move away from fossil fuels investments. Our movement has proved that we can move mountains when we come together and demand change. We’ve done it before and now let’s do it again.

It’s time for Japan’s banks to stop funding coal. Sign the petition.