Air Clean Taiwan(ACT) lead the 1st anti-air pollution conference in Changhua County with a clear declare “Coal Free for Sustainable Health” with Taichung city physicians association,  Changhua county medical association, Kaohsiung county medical association and Changji Medical Center at ShowChwan Memorial Hospital on the morning of 1st Oct 2017. More than 30 invited physicians, scholars, NGOs, political party officials and legislators hold brown balloons with blue balloons at their hands, via puncture of the brown balloons to show the determined will for taking action at the opening of the morning press conference.

Chairman of the Air Clean Taiwan(ACT), Dr. Yeh said that since 2010 physician in middle of Taiwan has focused on the PM2.5 air pollution issue and has gradually expanded the impact level in seven years quickly. This event is held to recognize the efforts of 50,000 physicians in middle of Taiwan. For its first time, collectively many clinical experience of physicians, associations and hospitals involved in air pollution and health have together clearly connect impact of air pollution with coal and governmental officials(including 3 sectors, Economy, Health and Environment) from both national and local level.

The event has included into four key issues: “urgency of coal-burning”, “Health impact of coal-burning”, “coal ash and linkage with coal plants” and “challenge for coal-free Taiwan”. Two famous air-pollution scholars, Mr. Chuang and Mr. Chan have co-published firstly the results of the study about the rate of coal-caused lung cancer and its relationship with heavy metals. Recently Legislative Yuan also held a press conference to show the concerns about air pollution problems in Changhua county. Vice president of Environment Protection Agency(EPA) Mr. Chan have also joined and emphasized the challenge nowadays and legal revisions for the local resolution is an unfinished tasks, which aligned with the two attended previous presidents of EPA, Mr. Sheng and Mr. Wei. Head of Changhua county, Mr. Wei also said that the phase out Taiwan Chemical coal power plant case in 2016 had a total of 1.2 billion, to obtain unjust enrichment, environmental protection is the highest amount in the history of fine.

Last but not least, international organizations have also showed their support for the coal free direction of the discussion. East Asia Campaign Coordinator, Mr. Liangyi Chang called for urgency of divestment from fossil fuel now in Changhua, where there were 2 successful coal plant phase out experiences (Changbin Industrial zone in 2005 and Taiwan Chemical industrial zone in 2016). and WaterKeeper Alliance International Campaigner Paul Winn has also stressed that “Coal is the dirtiest power and caused huge pollution on water issues.”, bringing an international perspective.

The group have showed the enhanced anti-coal movement on the ground and aim for a clear coal-free Taiwan, sustainable health as the big picture. With everyone’s support, we can make the air pollution retreat and guardian our health for all.