Whoa!  Hong, our friend in Vietnam, joined an event in Hoi An Ancient town to help kick off a global day of action this weekend with a 2,000 person walk through the town.  Hong was so inspired she woke up at 4am this morning to catch me on skype and send me an article and beauftiful photos from the event.

Despite the heat under the blazing sun, the happy walkers walked through the beautiful streets of the ancient town, holding their banners and joyfully shouting environmental messages, “For Hoi An without pollution”, “For Hoi An saving energy”, “For Hoi An with more trees”, “For ecological Hoi An”. The enthusiastic voices of the environment lovers were concerted by cheerful sounds of the traditional drums loaded on the escorting cyclos – the environmentally friendly means of transportation especially favored by tourists visiting Hoi An. Being excited by the street dances and drumming sounds, tourists of various nationalities wandering the town came to join the group.

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