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Here's what you can do to help build a world free from dirty fossil fuels and a just transition to a safe future.

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To get active in the climate movement and meet like-minded people, use the map below to find a group in your community. Get in touch and join their next meeting. Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.

If you don’t see a group in your area, it might be time to start one yourself!

Don’t see a group near you? Start your own.

Our vision is to have thousands of local groups standing in solidarity with one another. We’ve got resources online to help you get up and running, and we can add your group to the map so others can join.

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Campaigns in the region

Join an active campaign in the region for more ways to get involved.


  • Global Power Up – All around the world, people will come together to power up the global renewable energy revolution. Let’s shift money and political influence away from fossil fuel companies and towards a clean and equitable future for all!
  • Just Transition in South Asia – The Case of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. An analysis of policies and principles for a Just and Equitable Transition to Renewable Energy in South Asia.
  • Free Hong, Free Them All – Take action to call for climate activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong’s release and stand in solidarity with all climate defenders.
  • Connecting the Dots – Join us and follow the money from the sites of the impact of fossil fuels to the institutions whose investments are enabling this dirty energy.


  • Power Up in Bangladesh – বিশ্বব্যাপী নবায়নযোগ্য শক্তি বিপ্লবকে শক্তিশালী করতে মানুষ একত্রিত হবে। আসুন জীবাশ্ম জ্বালানী সংস্থাগুলি থেকে অর্থ এবং রাজনৈতিক প্রভাবকে দূরে সরিয়ে সকলের জন্য একটি পরিষ্কার এবং ন্যায়সঙ্গত ভবিষ্যতের দিকে নিয়ে যাই!
  • Green New Deal in Bangladesh – Bangladesh must keep coal and gas out of its energy transition plans and cancel all coal plant projects and use the land to kickstart new solar energy projects. Join the movement now.
  • JICA: Don’t Fund Matarbari Coal Plant in Bangladesh – The Japanese Government must immediately stop the Japan International Cooperation Agency from investing in the 1320MW Matarbari Phase 2 coal plant in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is reeling from the impacts of the climate crisis; building a coal plant would bring more misery than development. Sign the petition to help pressure JICA!


  • Power Up in Japan – 2023年11月3(金・祝)~4日(土) (とそれに向けての1ヶ月間)、再生可能エネルギー革命を起こすため、世界中の人が立ち上がります。 気候危機を加速させる化石燃料ではなく、再生可能エネルギーへのシフトを後押しし、すべての人にとってクリーンで公平な未来をつくるため、今こそ行動しましょう!
  • 3 Japanese Megabanks – End Fossil Finance – Three of Japan’s largest “Megabanks” have been the driving force behind the Japanese economy. However, these banks are the world’s top three lenders to the coal industry, making them some of the largest global financiers of fossil fuels. Sign this petition to send your demand to the Japanese megabanks: “End fossil finance!”
  • Let’s Divest Campaign – 350 Japan is campaigning to foster Japanese citizens to divest from fossil-fuel banks and move their personal savings to fossil-free financial institutions through the Let’s Divest Campaign. By promoting personal divestment, we will create a larger social dialogue around the responsibility of Japan’s major financial institutions, supporting the transition toward a renewable-energy society. Sign the report of your divestment experience!

The Philippines

  • Junk the Anti-Terrorism Law – Despite the dangers Filipino environmental defenders face everyday, they are steadfastly the first and the last line of defence for our planet. In this era of runaway climate crisis and pandemics emerging from nature under siege, we have to resist laws that undermine our ability to protect our rights to a balanced and healthful ecology, and more importantly, the right to life of everyone. Demand the Duterte administration, through the Philippine Congress, to repeal the Anti-Terrorism Law


  • Power Up in Indonesia – Di berbagai penjuru dunia, orang-orang akan berkumpul untuk mendorong revolusi energi terbarukan global. Ayo alihkan dana dan pengaruh politik dari perusahaan-perusahaan energi fosil kotor menuju masa depan yang bersih dan setara untuk semua!
  • Dirut BNI: Stop Danai Batu Bara, Alihkan Uang Kami dari Perusak Masa Depan! #GaPakeNanti– Kami mendesak Dirut BNI agar BNI segera berkomitmen menghentikan pendanaan ke perusahaan batu bara sekarang. #GaPakeNanti! Dan akan lebih baik lagi jika BNI mengalihkan pendanaan mereka ke energi terbarukan.
  • #BersihkanBankmu – Is your bank still funding dirty, dangerous coal? Here’s an opportunity for you to demand them that it’s time to switch to safe, renewable energy!

Step 3.
Build Your Campaigning Skills

Free campaigning resources

Learn techniques and gain tools to help you and others overcome organising obstacles and work together.

No matter whether you’re a seasoned organiser or just starting out, there’s always something to learn.

Browse our trainings for useful resources, from how to have conversations about the climate crisis to digital storytelling and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 350 do?

We’re an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.

350 works on grassroots campaigns across the globe, from opposing coal plants and mega-pipelines, to supporting renewable energy solutions and cutting the financial lifelines of the fossil fuel industry. All of our work leverages people power — individuals working together in pursuit of a common goal — to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry. Find more on our About page.

How do I get involved?

At minimum, make sure you’re on our mailing list. Browse the rest of this page to see how you can make bigger contributions in a local group setting. From there, what you do and how much you get involved is up to your group’s needs, your interests, and how much time you want to put in!

I don’t have time to commit to a local group. How can I still be involved?

Whether in person or online, simply talking with those around you about the climate crisis and what’s happening in your area is an important step toward making change. Also follow climate action groups like 350 on social media and share their content for a low-commitment way to show your support.

If there is no local campaign group in your area yet, consider bringing other local supporters together for a one-time event – a potluck meal, film-screening, or roundtable discussion. By building relationships between passionate people in your community, a group is more likely to emerge, even if you’re not available to lead it yourself.

You can also donate to keep the movement strong.

Can you help run this campaign for me?

You know your own community better than anyone, so we believe local groups are best suited to run – and win! – their own campaigns. However, we can provide resources and guidance so you’re prepared to act on the changes you want to see.

Why aren’t you talking about things like recycling and veganism?

Our campaigns focus on building transformative power that challenges the status quo and social license of the fossil fuel industry. That means less focus on personal consumption choices (which are incremental) and more emphasis on collective action (which can tackle massive systemic issues).

Both are important, but we believe that by building a movement linked to these three demands, we can reach political tipping points that allow for change big enough to halt the climate crisis:

  • A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy
  • No new fossil fuel projects, anywhere
  • Not a penny more in finance for the fossil fuel industry


So should I go ahead and start a local group?

If you can identify a few other dedicated people in your community to help you and are committed to’s basic demands and organizing principles, yes! Get started.

Our vision is to have thousands of local groups standing in solidarity with each other. It does take time, commitment, and energy to steer a group to maturity, but it’s precisely that sort of commitment we need if we are to change the course of history.

I already have a local group. Can we join 350?

That’s great! If you’re already in a group, you’re probably seeing the benefits of meeting face to face and organising together. Read through the local group guidelines and apply to register your group.

How much support will 350 offer when I start a group?

We have plenty of trainings and resources available to help you, and we often run campaigns that local groups can easily plug into. Depending on your location and how much staff or volunteer capacity is available, we also might be able to provide coaching and other direct support. But remember, in the end it’s you who can build a real local movement where you live.

Will 350 pay us to run a local group?

No, cannot pay you to run a group. However, we do have trainings on how to fundraise so your local group can gain its own resources to stand independently.

Can I do my work placement at 350 or at a local group?

You can join as a volunteer, but we do not offer formal internships or work placements and cannot transfer volunteering into school credits. A local group or partner organization might have a different answer – please contact them directly.