By Mariam Jaustine Sollano

In a developing country, such as Philippines, climate change may be the least of majority’s priority. Greater part of the population struggles to have three meals a day; and to survive every day is what they could only think about.

The rest who are fortunate to have an education battles between believing global warming as man-made or a natural cycle; while others do not care much because their responsibility is limited only to escaping poverty.

It is a challenge that we, from Cebu, always keeps in mind in every project that we organize. It is not a matter on how many participants is involved but on how many people will be aware about the environmental concerns that need immediate actions.

In the recent activity “Earth Hour: Time is up for Coal! It’s time for 350,” the message is for all the political leaders and individuals who are not yet aware of the health problems and the aquatic disturbances that Coal-Fired Power Plants bring.

The construction of Coal-Fired Power Plants does bring more employment, however it destroys the environment that fisher folks depend on for their livelihood.

The message is simple, Sustainable Development for the political leaders and Environmental Awareness to Cebuano people.

“Earth Hour: Time is up for Coal! It’s time for 350” was not the usual Press Conference. Although there was neither stage nor program, it was enough when individuals would stop by for awhile and listen to or think about the environmental concerns that we were voicing out.

It is not important how grand or simple a project will be, it is the message that really matters.

More powers to 350!

About the Author:

Mariam Jaustine R. Sollano is an incoming 4th year Mass Communication student of the University of the Philippines Cebu College (UPCC). She was born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and studied in International Philippines School in Riyadh (IPSR) for her elementary level and in International Philippine School in Alkhobar (IPSA) for her secondary level.

Like any other young adults, she is addicted to fiction/fantasy novels, suspense movies, and anime. She is also ridiculously obsessed with DRACULA, Agatha Cristie and Ube Cornetto ice cream. She cannot live for a month without playing badminton or volleyball or doing recreational activities such as wall climbing or bowling.

Living in a different country for 17 years, Mariam witnessed the great dissimilarity between developed and developing countries. She always hopes for the day when every Filipino would be happy for just being a Filipino.

With the goal of making change for the better, she is happy to be part of the media team.