Sept. 21st, together with People’s Climate Mobilisation call, Blue Dalian threw quiz activities on popular science knowledge of the environment at Dalian Heishijiao Sqaure, Dalian University of Technology, and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

As the volunteers started to set up the location for the activity at HeishiJiao Square, many citizens and tourists stopped to watch out of curiosity. As soon as we finished the setup, there were already citizens coming up and read the popular science knowledge on the environment, and participated in our quiz activity passionately.

Volunteers from Dalian Polytechnic University helped explain the environmental knowledge on the posters to pedestrians and tourists, and talked with them on how we can start protecting our environment as individuals. Meanwhile, there were people participating in our quiz activity, learning the knowledge about environmental protection.

From 3-year-old to above 80, people were so enthusiastic in participating the event. Lots of children read and learned environmental knowledge in earnest accompanied by their parents. The parents themselves also took out their cellphone and followed the Weixin of Blue Dalian, so that they could gain access to more environmental knowledge and information.

Next at the venue in Dalian University of Technology, though relatively fewer people took part in the activity at the beginning, more and more students joined in as time went by. At around 10 o’clock, the venue were already packed with a huge crowd of people!

The activity lasted for around 2 hours, and all the students were passionate and happy with what they have learned, and so the purpose of our activity was met 100/100. The activity not only increased the awareness as well as the knowledge of environmental protection, but brought more joy to our campus.

In addition to the promotion of environmental knowledge and quizzes, participants could also measure the pH level and conductivity of the various water in daily life, which made the activity more fun and more attractive.

Finally at the activity in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, students were enthusiastic as well. One after another, people kept swarming in to participate the quiz activity. Furthermore, there were lots of students signing up for the long-term volunteers to join the climate movement, with the hope to take part in more activities like this.