Open Letter to Ambassadors of G7 Countries



Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia and Ambassador of the United States of America to Indonesia

In Jakarta

Yours faithfully,

First of all, we appreciate the support of the G7 countries in supporting Indonesia in making an energy transition through the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) scheme or other funding schemes.

As part of civil society in Indonesia, we hope that the support of the G7 countries, including the United States, can accelerate Indonesia to step away from fossil fuels and switch to 100% renewable energy.

However, as part of Indonesian civil society, we expect G7 countries have a fair and just mechanism to provide funding for the energy transition in Indonesia and follow at least these three principles:

  1. Leave no room for funding false energy transition solutions. Several false solutions are now becoming the dominant discourse in Indonesia, such as fossil gas, all forms of coal co-firing, nuclear, carbon capture and storage in coal-fired power plants, coal downstream, and other forms of false solutions, including dirty technology transfer from other countries. developed countries (G7) and other parties
  2. Ensure that all mechanisms for accelerating the energy transition are transparent. Leaders of the G7 countries need to open up information and dialogue space regarding the funding mechanism for the energy transition in Indonesia to all stakeholders, especially the impacted communities, including women, children, disabled groups, and vulnerable communities.
  3. Provide freedom of expression at the G20 Summit, Bali, as part of civil society’s rights. As a first step to ensure transparency and space for dialogue with the public, the leaders of the G7 countries need to urge the Indonesian government to guarantee freedom of expression for civil society at the G20 forum in Bali in November 2022.

Thus, we convey this open letter for the Indonesian people’s benefit and to ensure that the funding mechanism for the energy transition runs transparently and fairly.



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