We’re back on the streets with 220 events in 63 countries starting today, kicking off in Asia and the Pacific islands, to continue demanding an end to the era of coal, oil and gas – an industry rooted in injustice and exploitation.

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World leaders will gather in Dubai for this year’s United Nations climate talks in just a few weeks time. There’s a real chance they will commit to an ambitious renewable energy target.

But fossil fuel lobbyists will be whispering in their ears. We can counter them with a huge show of people power, and this is why we are hosting Global Power Up from now until December, to create the pressure we need to get leaders to commit.

Can you add your name to this petition now so we can show leaders the momentum behind our demand for a 100% renewable target?

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Floods, fires, droughts and bad harvests. Extreme weather events. Climate chaos is dangerous and it’s not slowing down. But if we can rapidly transform our energy system, we can thrive.

As we build wind turbines and solar panels that will power our world and protect our future, we can build and strengthen communities and protect our well-being, too.

World leaders won’t act without an urgent call. Time is running out before they gather in Dubai to face tough decisions, and they will face us, too – we’ll bring every name on the petition to them. We need everyone’s name on there – sign now.