The Japanese government is promoting the use of ammonia as a fuel for co-firing in coal power plants as part of a decarbonization plan in their ‘Green Transformation’ (GX) strategy.

They claim this is compatible with emissions reduction goals, a false assertion that could legitimize coal in the eyes of financiers and lenders. The truth is that the widespread adoption of ammonia co-firing in existing coal plants could create a new generation of stranded assets.

Ammonia co-firing has limited emissions reduction potential. If deployed at scale, betting on co-firing could delay the deployment of existing viable and scalable zero-emissions options.

Worse still, Japan is pushing ammonia co-firing adoption in Southeast Asia, which would not cut emissions enough to reach net zero in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, even with the most technologically feasible co-firing rate (20% ammonia-80% coal).

This push will block the renewable energy transition, undermine energy security, and worsen the climate crisis.

Hosting the Group of Seven (G7) summit is a moment of national pride for Japan. This is our chance to challenge them.

The G7 Hiroshima Summit takes place from 19 to 21st May 2023, where the largest economies will come together to address global issues, including the climate crisis.

Japan’s G7 presidency presents a unique opportunity to demand an end to fossil fuels.

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