The Sangguniang Panlungsod,of Puerto Princesa, affirmed the claim of Palawan Alliance for Clean Energy, that slammed the proponent’s “lack of consultative and participatory process as required by law.

Last week became an all important turning point in our fight against a coal-fired power plant on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. On the 16th of June, the City Government of Puerto Princesa adopted “a resolution vehemently opposing the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Palawan.”

We couldn’t have asked for a stronger statement of opposition from the City Government, and it marks a turning point in the fight against this destructive and unnecessary coal-fired power plant. What started as a campaign by a small few, is now expanding through churches, academe, farmers, communities, civil society groups, inside Congress, and across the Philippines.

DM Consunji Incorporated (DMCI) had several failed attempts to push the construction of a 15MW Coal Fired Power Plant in the fragile ecosystem of Palawan. Our people can not afford to have a corporation with known environmental and human rights violations destroy our last ecological frontier.

“The fight is not yet over. But moments like this turn our fears into hopes. It defines our values. We realized we have so much courage in our hearts than we ever thought.”

~ Cynthia Sumagaysay- Del Rosario, spokesperson Palawan Alliance for Clean Energy

To date, the fate of the project, which was previously rejected twice in its two proposed sites, is left to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

We have collected almost 6,000 signatures across the Philippines urging DENR Secretary Ramon Jesus P. Paje to stop the proposed coal plant by DMCI. The issued resolution by the City Government of Puerto Princesa clearly states that there had been no proper consultation and informed participation from the people where the project will be built, a direct threat to highly endangered marine and terrestrial inhabitants, and will impact the lives and livelihood of several indigenous groups in Palawan. We need your voice with us – please sign and share the petition!

Members of the newly formed 350 Palawan taken during their recent campaign training.

Members of the newly formed 350.org Palawan taken during their recent campaign training.

This Palawan anti-coal resistance is hugely important: not just for the peoples of Palawan, but for the whole of the Philippines. We already have the policies for affordable renewable energy to be delivered. In fact, Palawan has an energy master plan which will show that renewable energy is the cheapest, most available, and wisest energy solution. Now we need to show the strength of the movement to make those policies real to people. Our fight involves the transformation of energy systems by resisting dirty and harmful energy and fighting for real energy solutions that benefit communities and the environment rather than corporations

More and more people are standing up powerfully to show that saying NO to coal in the Philippines is saying YES to a just and sustainable future for our people and climate. Help us gather more signatures – sign and share our petition.

– Zeph Repollo