Voices of Resilience:

Power Up for a Fossil-Free Future

This photo essay captures the spirit of unity, empathy, and unwavering determination exhibited by people from diverse backgrounds who have joined together in an extraordinary display of solidarity.


We are at a pivotal moment, with 2023 the hottest year on record – the undeniable impacts of the climate crisis are ravaging our world.

And yet, ahead of COP28, fossil fuel companies will have the audacity to release their latest round of obscene record-breaking profits.

Communities worldwide are demanding a better alternative. From November 3 to December 9, people across the world are uniting to power down reckless fossil fuel companies and power up a global renewable energy revolution.
We are conscious that this is a moment of collective grief, and that there are communities currently affected by ongoing violence, for whom the most pressing need right now is restoration of human rights, and the upholding of international humanitarian law. There is no climate justice without human rights, and many of us and our ‘Power Up’ organisers are also campaigning for an end to violence in their geographies and the communities they represent. We continue our efforts to Power Up, as we seek to build a collective future that is peaceful and sustainable for generations to come.
In Asia, starting on the 3rd and 4th of November 2023, thousands of activists took to the streets in various countries in the region that brought together communities campaigning for climate solutions.

This photo essay captures the spirit of unity, empathy, and unwavering determination exhibited by people from diverse backgrounds who have joined together in an extraordinary display of solidarity.

The demand for justice transcends borders, languages, and cultures, reflecting a shared belief in the principles of fairness and equality that underpin humanity’s collective conscience.
The images within this page unveil a compelling narrative of individuals who, inspired by a common cause, have taken to the streets to join Power Up and make their voices heard.

Each picture tells a story of resilience, hope, and the unwavering belief that change is possible when the world stands together.

Organized by 350 Japan in collaboration with We Want Our Future, over 800 passionate individuals congregated at Shinjuku Station. Their voices harmonized in a resounding climate song that reverberated through the heart of the city.

As captured in this photo, their unified message soared high above the crowded streets as they chanted together, embodying a dynamic and resolute force for change. Amid the bustling urban landscape, an evocative scene unfolded with colorful pinwheels twirling in the wind. These pinwheels symbolized not only the wind of change but also the unwavering commitment to a sustainable future that bound this diverse assembly of individuals.

Photo credit: Jun Yokoyama.

Power Up Japan

The climate concert and showpiece action in Tokyo served as a pivotal moment, offering them a platform to unite, voice their concerns, and solidify their determination for a greener future.
350 Japan

Photo credit: Jun Yokoyama.

Power Up Japan Photos

Shinjuku, Japan


Young people are undeniably the torchbearers of future generations, inheriting the consequences of the climate crisis and the responsibility to shape a sustainable world.

Young activists took center stage, demanding concrete actions from their leaders to transition to renewable energy as the solution to climate change. Their faces radiated determination, and their pinwheels displayed compelling messages for a sustainable tomorrow.

Power Up Japan

These young voices are a testament to the rising generation's commitment to environmental justice and their unwavering belief in a world where renewable energy takes precedence in the fight against climate change.

Power Up in Bangladesh began on November 3, organized by 350 Bangladesh and the Green New Deal Hub in Satkhira, led predominantly by women.

Their main demand is to stop financial support and investment in fossil fuels and instead invest in practical climate solutions. The presence of young people with disabilities in the movement showcases inclusivity and determination.

Photo credit: BINDU Women


Power Up Bangladesh

“The path to a sustainable future is illuminated by the diverse voices and experiences of women, who are indispensable in the fight for climate justice. Including women in the fight for climate justice is not just about equality; it's about a greener, more just future for all.”
— Jannatul Mouwa, Activist, BINDU Nari Unnayan Sangathan

Photo credit: BINDU Women.

Power Up Bangladesh Photos

Sathkira, Bangladesh


Women, particularly those hailing from vulnerable communities and residing in disaster-prone regions, often bear a disproportionate burden of the climate crisis.

They face unique challenges, including limited access to resources, reduced mobility, and unequal socio-economic status, which exacerbate the impacts of climate change on their lives.

Bandarban, Bangladesh.


A day later, the Power Up movement in Bangladesh kicked off in Bandarban. The event took place in Chimbuk, a remote village in Bangladesh, and it focused on a significant solar installation project.

This initiative aimed to provide electricity to homes in the village, demonstrating the practicality of solar power in improving the lives of people in even the most isolated areas. It aligned with the global call for climate solutions and a shift away from fossil fuels.


On November 4, children and youth of a village school in Chimbuk, Bandarban, lit up their school with solar power as part of the Power Up Global Action.

The Power Up Jakarta kicked off on November 3, where hundreds of young people and adults marched from the Public Defender Office to the Office of the General Election Commission of Indonesia.

As Indonesia is undergoing a presidential election next year, the march aimed to harness its momentum to urge potential presidential candidates to prioritize environmental issues in the upcoming presidential election

More than 100 activists filled the streets at Central Jakarta, aiming to harness momentum among constituents to urge candidates in the upcoming presidential election to prioritize environmental issues.

Photo credit: Gilang Kharisma Anugerah

Power Up Indonesia

“"Through the Just Energy Transition Partnership, we're putting people and the planet first, ensuring a fair transition to a low-carbon future. Indonesia's unique position in the world necessitates a strong commitment to this transition.

We call on our government to champion the cause and work with the fossil fuel industry to enact change. It's time for a collective call for action to create a more sustainable and just energy system that prioritizes the wellbeing of our citizens and the environment.”

-Sisilia Nurmala Dewi, Indonesia Team Lead, 350.org

Photo credit: Gilang.

Power Up Indonesia Photos

Jakarta, Indonesia


Amid the spirited climate march in Jakarta, the significance of Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP) in Indonesia's environmental landscape becomes even more apparent. JETP initiatives play a pivotal role in the country's transition towards sustainable energy sources and environmental resilience.

The activists marched all the way from the legal aid office to the general election office, calling for the upcoming presidential election to give top priority to environmental issues and to place climate action prominently on the political agenda. Their collective voice emphasized the urgency of addressing environmental concerns and combating the climate crisis, making it a central concern for candidates vying for the highest office in the nation.

Mount Batur, Bali.


A day after the climate march in Jakarta, the Power Up movement continued its impactful journey in Indonesia, this time at the picturesque caldera of Mount Batur. This stunning location holds enormous potential for the development of renewable energy installations, specifically in the form of solar power plants.

Young activists gathered at the foot of this iconic volcanic crater, their message was clear: Indonesia does not need to evict local communities or destroy its precious natural environment to embrace renewable energy sources.

Activists came together during the Power Up Bali event. Their banners held high, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to the cause. Against the backdrop of the volcanic caldera and lush greenery, they raised their voices and flags to send a powerful message: the transition to sustainable energy is not just a dream but an urgent necessity.

350 Taiwan’s inaugural Power Up movement, “Back to Future,” took place on November 4 in front of Taipei 101.

The movement brought together an estimated 200 activists, outdoor enthusiasts, influencers, NGOs, and eco-conscious brands in a powerful display of solidarity, all in anticipation of the recently concluded United Nations COP28 summit.

Photo credit: 350 Taiwan

Power Up Taiwan

"Youth action is not merely a choice; it's a necessity. We are the generation that must inherit the future we are working so hard to protect.

Ourvoices, our passion, and our unwavering commitment are the driving forces that will steer us towards a world that is sustainable, just, and equitable for all. We are not just activists; we are stewards of the planet, and the time to act is now."

—Irene, 350 Taiwan

Photo credit: 350 Taiwan.

Power Up Taiwan Photos

Taipei, Taiwan


An "electric car" stunt, the epitome of the future of transportation, performed daring maneuvers, showcasing the potential for sustainable mobility


The streets echoed with the lively footsteps of young activists who marched passionately, their eco-friendly placards held high, displaying messages of hope and urgency. These young marchers represented the driving force behind the movement, reminding us that the responsibility of safeguarding the environment's future ultimately rests on the shoulders of the youth, who are determined to build a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Taipei, Taiwan.


Ahead of the Power Up launch on November 3-4, Taiwan's passionate divers decided to take matters into their own hands, leading by example as they volunteered their time and energy for a meaningful ocean cleanup initiative.

A group of dedicated divers in Taiwan, along with their students, took part in an ocean cleanup initiative. They actively collected 10.83 kilograms of waste, including plastic debris, metal scraps, and even discarded tires.

Rice fields in many areas in Yala province Thailand are getting drier and drier due to climate-induced droughts and strong heat. Farmers are struggling for food.

On November 3, the youth groups and villagers were gathering together to demand the government to take urgent climate actions and speeding up decentralised and renewable energy in Mabae Village, Patae Subdistrict, Yaha District, Yala Province.

Photo credit: Climate Watch Thailand

Power Up Thailand

Power Up Thailand Photos

Yala Province, Thailand


In Yala province, Thailand, climate-induced droughts and unrelenting heat have taken a severe toll on local rice fields, leaving farmers struggling for food. On November 3, in Mabae Village, Patae Subdistrict, Yaha District, Yala Province, youth groups and local villagers gathered to voice their demand for urgent climate action from the government.

Bangkok, Thailand.


In parallel to the events in Yala province, a significant event took place in Bangkok, where a group of young individuals convened to discuss the critical issue of biodiversity loss in Thailand.

During the gathering, they organized debates and presented case studies, delving into the challenges and potential solutions surrounding this pressing problem.

The focus of their discussion was to shed light on the vital importance of preserving biodiversity in a world facing rapid environmental changes. Their practical approach and informed discussions underscored that safeguarding the variety of life on our planet is not merely a scientific concern but a shared ethical responsibility.

During Indigenous People’s Month, 360 Indigenous Kalanguya students and their teachers from Binalian Elementary School and Binalian Integrated National High School united to promote community-driven renewable energy solutions.

The event, co-organized by 350 Pilipinas and the Nueva Vizcaya Department of Education, emphasized the vital role of indigenous youth in leading the shift towards low-carbon energy solutions.

Photo credit: Kathleen Lei Limayo, Genesis Epistola

Power Up Philippines

"Power Up is about taking the first step in realizing a future powered by the sun, the wind and the people.

It is about urging financial institutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in a future fueled by renewable energy. This future isn't just a possibility; it's an attainable reality waiting to be unlocked if we come together to demand it from our leaders."

-Chuck Baclagon, Regional Finance Campaigner, 350.org

Photo Credit: Kathleen Lei Limayo, Genesis Epistola

Power Up Philippines Photos

Nueva Vizcaya, the Philippines


The Power Up movement in Nueva Vizcaya gathering served as a prelude to the upcoming Global Power Up day of action scheduled for November 3-4. This global initiative calls on governments and financial institutions to redirect resources towards community-based renewable energy solutions. The timing is significant as it aligns with the COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The event showcased the dedication of Indigenous Kalanguya students and their teachers to drive positive change in their communities and advocate for sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions.

Through paintings, drawings, and various art forms, the participants conveyed their visions for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. These artworks became powerful symbols of their commitment to the cause

Polytechnic University of the Philippines


Climate advocates and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Community hold a parachute banner action in support of the "Power Up" campaign to amplify the urgency of climate solutions around the globe.

Additionally, this event commemorates the decade since the devastating landfall of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in November 2013, of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded, which wrought havoc upon the Philippines.


Students and faculty members from Kiddie Toes Montessori assembled together to #PowerUp the advocacy on community-led energy solutions. At a young age, they are equipped to transition to community-centered energy. Let's unite and call on government and financial institutions to invest in community-led renewables as we head towards the 28th UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

A group of climate activists in Pokhara, Nepal, geared up forming a sun through boat action, calling for a Rapid and Just Transition to Renewable Energy in Nepal

Power Up Nepal

For a world that hungers for change, 350 stands at the forefront of a movement to demand a clean, peaceful, and equitable future for all.

Together with our communities and partners, 350 envisions a world where the air we breathe is pure and where every person has the opportunity to flourish in a just and equitable society.

-Amanullah Porag, South Asia Mobilization Coordinator, 350.org

Photo Credit: 350 Bangladesh

Power Up Nepal Photos

Belbari, Nepal


Belbari is one of the 10 locations in Nepal where a survey for oil and gas drilling was conducted. Climate justice advocates from Digo Bikas Institute held the Power Up demonstration here, calling for a just transition to renewable energy in Nepal and to cancel the oil and gas drilling project.

Lumbini, Nepal


Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and organisers from Digo Bikas Institute used the Power Up Mobilisation movement to remind everyone about teachings of the Buddha, to live in harmony with Mother nature and to protect it.


In certain countries such as Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the movement is ongoing, with actions taken so far are only the tip of the iceberg. They mark the beginning of a sustained movement that is gaining momentum as we approach COP28, the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, in the United Arab Emirates.
This global “Power Up” month of action is not a one-off event but a continuous effort. It serves as a prelude to what’s to come, with activists, communities, and organizations across these nations gearing up for a prolonged campaign.

Throughout November to December, we will continue to mobilize and organize actions to demand a just transition, we will show our governments that it’s time to power up the future we want!

The path ahead may be challenging, but with collective effort and unwavering commitment, we can pave the way for a greener and more just world. Our determination is fueled by the belief that every small action contributes to the larger movement for positive change. And that is why, we invite you to continue joining the fight with us for the years ahead.