April 22, 2021

350.org and YouthNet for Climate Justice on Saber H Chowdhury’s Green Statement

Bangladesh — Ahead of the Leaders Summit for Climate, on 20 Apr, Saber H Chowdhury, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change at Jatiyo Sansad, Bangladesh called for Bangladesh to “stop subsidizing fossil fuel-based power plants” to reach the country’s climate goals, and align with the Paris Agreement. This statement came as a direct response to Sohanur Rahman, Founder of YouthNet for Climate Justice, during the People2Biden Conference: South Asia on how Bangladesh could introduce a Green New Deal and transition to just, renewable energy. 
350.org Organizer Shibayan said:

“We are heartened by the Chair’s response and his ambitious goals of targeting a 100% renewable transition by 2050. For Bangladesh to have a just recovery from the twin crises of COVID-19 and climate change, this transition away from coal must exclude gas, and bring about a Green New Deal focusing on clean and just energy such as solar and wind. At the upcoming Leaders Summit for Climate, we hope to see countries that have built their wealth based on fossil fuels such as the US working hand in hand with most affected countries such as Bangladesh. World leaders must start cooperating and sharing resources to combat the climate crisis. They need to act now, while there is still time.”

Founder for YouthNet for Climate Justice, Sohanur Rahman, said:

“As our Prime Minister attends the Leaders Summit for Climate, we hope she keeps the Chair’s statement in mind – and commits to 100% renewable energy by 2050, that rules out gas. To enact the green new deal, we call on developed countries like the United States to provide reparations for the loss and damage suffered by Bangladeshis due to climate impacts. These reparations will assist in Bangladesh’s implementation of renewable energy and climate mitigation strategies, allowing our country to reduce emissions from fossil fuels.”