October 8, 2022

Asian artists stage exhibit on hope and resilience in the climate crisis

7 October 2022


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Asia – Across Asia, artists displayed a message of hope and solidarity through the climate crisis, at exhibitions held in the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. The Weave of Hope project featured nine artists at public exhibitions that ran from 9 September to 3 October 2022. These were accompanied by a selection of art performances, movie screenings, cultural talks and discussions from local art communities.

350.org Asia Digital Manager and Weave of Hope Coordinator, Irfan Toni Herlambang says: “In Asia, we have a long history of maintaining a complex and diverse set of cultures and traditions. This is particularly true in our weaving and textiles. In Vietnam, we have the “sarong”, from Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei we have “Batik” and “Ikat”, in South Asia we have the “Saree”. So what better way to display our unity and interconnectedness than through a Weave of Hope? The only way we can build a safe and liveable future is if we work together, and I hope this exhibition inspires that.”

The exhibition featured Filipino artists Johnny Guarin and Bong Dela Torre, Taiwanese artists Tzu Hsuan Yang, Yi Yun Cheng, Cyun Lin and Yi Te Tsai, and Indonesia artists Caroline Rika Winata, Ambar Kusuma Wardhani, and Pramadhita (Yola) Setra. 


Philippines: Quezon City, Manila (9-10 September 2022)

Theme: Woven by Blood

In the Philippines, artists rallied to the call ‘woven by blood’, exploring the themes of collective memory, martyrdom, continuity and intergenerational succession in the struggle for ecological and social justice. The artists chose abaca rope as primary material. 

Artist, Bonda Dela Torre says:

“The strength of the abaca fiber is legendary, as the same material used for anchor ropes of big ships in the past and up to the present. It is unique because the more it’s exposed to the ocean’s salt water, the stronger it becomes. It was a perfect metaphor for the wisdom and strength of our grandmothers fighting for the space and time to live decently and safely. The exhibition invited the audience to continue the bloodline of heroism in defense of people and our planet.”


Taiwan: Minim Photography Studio, Taipei (14-16 September)

Theme: Nature Whisper

In Taiwan, artists collectively uplifted the delicate nature between humans and nature, particularly highlighting the fact that the sea around Taiwan is set to rise at twice the rate of the global sea level rise.

The Taipei installation of the Weave of Hope exhibition featured sculpture, textiles, ink and videography, uplifting the endless vitality of nature and the urgent need to fight for the future of our planet. 


Indonesia: Kiniko Art Space, Yogyakarta (27 September – 3 October)

Theme: Weaving the Hope – Action and sustainable practices for climate crisis

Curators: Irene Agrivina & Nona Yoanishara

Consisting of more than 10 artworks, the “Weaving The Hope” exhibition was an artistic achievement, inviting people to learn more about climate change and participate in building a better future. This exhibition was also an opportunity to introduce the three selected artists to three-dimensional artworks, in the form of a sustainable textile installation with variable media and dimensions. Participants ‘moving tributes to earth and places unique to them demonstrate how all of us are affected by the climate crisis, no matter where we live.

Yogyakarta exhibition curator Irene Agrivina says,

“Creative minds are needed to work around the issue of climate change, producing pieces that remind people of the dire environmental consequences if we don’t take action now. Art can help stop climate change because it effectively sends a message,”


The Weave of Hope exhibition ended on 3 October. Please see website for more details.

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