October 24, 2022

Climate Disaster Ahead of G20 in Bali, Time for G20 Countries to End False Solutions

Denpasar, Indonesia – According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia, Bali saw extreme rain and flooding last week, with values ​​ranging from 105 mm/day to 344 mm/day.  The new record for the highest daily rainfall was reached on October 17, 2022 at several rain post points such as Palasari, Nusasari, Yehembang Kangin, Jatiluwih, Payangan, Besakih, and Abang.

350.org Indonesia Financial Campaigner, Suriadi Darmoko says:

“These various ecological disasters hitting Bali ahead of the G20 meetings are due to the climate crisis, and they must serve as a warning to the leaders of G20 countries to stop false solutions related to the climate crisis. G20 leaders must be serious about making a renewable and equitable energy transition. 

“The use of fossil fuels is the cause of the climate crisis and must stop immediately, if we want to prevent more widespread climate disaster

Unfortunately, continued Suriadi Darmoko, in a communique at the ministerial level, the G20 failed to reach an agreement. 

“Currently, there is information that the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) for Indonesia will be launched at the G20 Summit. This will only be used to encourage false solutions that do not address the challenges of the climate crisis and the environmental damage caused by fossil energy,” says Darmoko

One of the fundamental concerns of the JETP scheme, as well as other energy transition funding schemes, is transparency. 

“The absence of transparency in the JETP process for Indonesia has resulted in a lack of community involvement. Without community involvement, the JETP has the potential to include false solutions that are not only environmentally unfriendly but also unfair,” says Darmoko

The Indonesian government, as the host of the G20 Summit, does not appear serious about making a just renewable energy transition. 

“The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, for example, is actually talking about the use of energy based on coal and other fossil fuels, simply labeled as “green”, says Darmoko

350 Indonesia hopes that any funding mechanisms planned to be launched at the G20 Summit, including JETP, will not accommodate false solutions. 

350.org Indonesia Team Lead, Firdaus Cahyadi says, “Whatever the funding scheme is, it must really be able to end the use of fossil energy, and must be fair to vulnerable people and uphold transparency. The process of planning and implementing the energy transition for climate mitigation must emphasize the principles of transparency, accountability, and the involvement of affected communities.” 

The full formulation of Indonesia CSO’s Values and Principles of a Fair and Sustainable Energy Transition in Indonesia can be read here.


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