December 4, 2019

Youth Strikes: World is waking up to the climate crisis

Madrid: March for the Climate demonstrations to take place in Madrid, Santiago and many other places across the globe. 

  • 10,000’s of people are expected to join parallel demonstrations taking place in Santiago, Chile and Madrid, Spain to coincide with the UN climate talks taking place in Madrid. 
  • Strikes will also take place across the globe with big strikes expected in New York, Stockholm.
  • Youth strikers are calling for world leaders to take urgent action on the climate emergency and demand climate justice at summit

2019 has been marked by huge climate protests which have woken the world up to the climate crisis.  In March 2019, 1 million people took to the streets to protest inaction on climate breakdown, since that time numbers have swelled with 7.6 million people taking part in the global climate strikes in September. 
As COP25, the UN climate talks get underway in Madrid, 100’s of youth strikers from across the globe are planning to use their presence to put pressure on the talks to take some meaningful action.  At two press conferences that took place today, youth strikers urged people to join the Marches for Climate on the 6th of December and demand climate justice.
“Politicians all over the world are not only ignoring science, they lead a war against concrete climate action. They are supporting the fossil fuel industry’s interests instead of workers, frontline communities and youth. We stand in solidarity with all workers, women, indigenous people fighting for justice. Millions of people are demanding climate justice. But our economic system is advancing the destruction of our planet. If we don’t act, the people benefiting from this status quo will win.” Joel Pera, Latin America
“The economic models we have,  have brought people to their limit and to the limit of the planet. We only have 8 years to avert the climate breakdown. The movement Fridays for the Future has sounded the alarm, we need to be brave, we need to take action and we need to get out in the streets to call for change.” Angela Valenzula, Fridays for Future, Santiago.
“I come from a country of privilege, technology, money and the possibility to lead on climate action. But instead our oceans are warming, our country is literally on fire. We are not only in a climate emergency we are in a climate justice emergency. The Pacific people, the frontline communities and the youth will suffer the most even though we contributed the least to this problem.  COP25 prides itself on the slogan ‘Time For Action’. That means it’s time to move beyond politics, money, greed and move to global collaborative action now.” Toby Thorpe, Oceania, Austrailan, School Striker
“Africa is the most hit by climate crisis. Every day hundreds of lives are lost. Should we continue to live this way? Climate injustice is a crime. We cannot wait for 3-5 years, to combat climate crisis. We cannot stay passie when our future is being washed away by the climate crisis. It’s time for action and not empty words.” Adenike Oladosu, Youth Striker, Nigeria 

For further information and interviews please contact The march for the climate will start in Madrid, 6pm from Atocha Train Station 
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