We recently held a webinar during the New York Climate Week, where we tackled protecting climate leaders and the troubling pattern of persecution faced by environmental and climate activists, particularly in repressive countries.

During the enlightening discussion, we shed light on the importance of safeguarding climate leaders and explored the concerning trend of wrongful imprisonment facing activists and civil society in Vietnam. We were honored to have panelists from Movement Law Lab and Human Rights Watch, who shared valuable insights and experiences on this crucial issue.

We also touched upon Hong’s trial and it is with deep regret that on September 28th, Hong was formally sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 100 million VND.

The issues discussed during the webinar remain as relevant as ever as we continue to fight for the release of climate defenders in Vietnam and worldwide.

Speakers at the webinar reinforced that Vietnam’s energy transition loses its fairness when civil society leaders are targeted. Speakers who have worked closely with imprisoned activists praised their courage and determination; they refused to flee and leave their principles behind, even if it meant facing personal consequences.

From personal anecdotes to global issues, the perspectives shared by the panelists offer crucial insight into the interrelated justice issues pertinent to the climate justice movement.

We made the webinar available to watch for those who couldn’t join us live, and for those who are now just learning about this issue. This means you can catch up on the insightful discussion and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges climate leaders face and the steps we can take to support them and advance climate justice.

Everyone’s support for climate defenders is needed now more than ever to raise the alarm about their struggles, and to work toward a more just and sustainable future for our planet.