Several hours before NY March launched in September. In Ban Ki Moon’s home country, South Korea. Youths and activists gathered in Seoul for People’s Climate Mobilization(PCM) support on the historic People’s Climate March in New York, where United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, is gathering 160s world leaders for climate change.

South Korea pledged by 2020 to reduce 30% BAU green house gas to the international society, but the Korean government is trying to invalidate the promise. Thus, the people gathered in South Korea asserted 3 points.

  • First, they urged the government to keep the promise to reduce 30% BAU of the emission by 2020.
  • Second, they insisted the renewable energy to be installed more, as US, China, Japan and EU are already installing and investing much more renewable energy.
  • Third, they claimed to stop building fossil fuel energy generators and facilities.

People were all on the street calling for climate action toward a better future and solution.

Initiated by Green Environment Youth Korea(GEYK), just a week ahead of the People’s Climate Mobilization weekend, GEYK has gathered and trained 70 youths in a training workshop, which was Power Shift Korea, Phase 2 of Global Power Shift. On day 2 of the Power Shift Korea was the Climate Concet, where trained activists were out to public and talked with youths, students, families and civil society about the issue with music or speech sharing. Excitingly the event was not just an end the spirist continue to the recent ended COP20 meeting in Lima.

Againly, the UN climate talk in Lima in 2014 has gathered 190s countries negotiators from the world for the better agreement next year in Paris. Activits and organizers from Power Shift Korea has shared the experience at one side event on Article 6 (Education, Training and Public Awareness) Contribution to the Design and Implementation of the 2015 Climate Change, with Asian Youth Climate Network(AYCN) members. Not only sharing but also leading the trialogue with other Asian youths, GEYK members also held a Korea-China-Japan Youth Trialogue in the Korea Pavillion at the UNFCCC COP20 for the next big year plan in 2015 toward Paris. Stay with us for more updated stories and the upcoming exciting year.