In sky view of ‘350’ performance at Namsan Hanok Villiage in Seoul

In Aprill 4th Korea Green Foundation (KGF) took part in 350 Korea committee inauguration and ‘350 performance’ with the members of committee and 350 citizens. 
At the inauguration, Se-joong Lee, Chairman of board of directos of Korea Green Foundation (KGF) and Yul Choi, President of KGF participated, including Jaiok Kim, President of Comsumers Korea, Maeng Eon PARK, President of Pukyong National University, Seok-kum Yoon, Chairman of WoongJin Group, Sang-bong Lee, fashion designer, Jae-cheon Choi, Professor of Ewha Womans University.

Yul Choi, President of KGF, who has actively participated in the global campaign, called ‘350 Campaign’, announced some practice promise, “The human owed biggest debt from the nature, and now it is time to pay back”. The examples of such practice promise are ▲Use public vehicle ▲Take off the plug if you do not use ▲Paper recycling ▲Take a shower at least for 10 minutes ▲Prefer to use more shopping baskets rather than plastic bags
In upcoming day in this year, Korea Green Foundation is planning to announce 350 Campaign Song and to show 350 short film, 350 picture posters and etc. which people easily can take and share.

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350 ppm, 350 koreaHi, all 350 Friends! We are working on the climate campaign with various methods, such as pictures,  videos and performing events. Korea Green Foundation started the nationwide campaign called ‘350 Campaign’ since November 2010. More stories at

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